Custom Mouse pads

Mouse Pads Explained

Non-Slip Rubber

For best user experience, the pads are made with enhanced rubber to ensure there is no movement from the pad while being used.

Stitched Edges

For select pads, white and black stitching are available as well as no stitching. The stitching is long-lasting and durable which delays freying and prolongs life expectancy.

Super Smooth Surface

To improve mouse tracking and decrease friction the pads are built with a smooth surface. The prints do not interfere with the feel of the pad.

Super Simple Steps

Extended mouse pad? Or traditional mouse pad? Drago provides you with multiple size options so that you find the best fit size for your setup.

If you are decided on a print, you can simply head over to "Custom Design Mouse Pads" under "Mouse Pads" to submit your photo and proceed to checkout. If you are stuck deciding on a print you can browse through one of our collections for a Pre-Designed Mouse Pad.

Once you submit an image, we will handle the rest! For optimal results, be sure to;

- Submit an image with good quality.

- Submit an image size that best corresponds with the desired mouse pad size.

- Refrain from submitting images that include important details near and around the edges.

Note: If the height to width ratio between your image and the size of the mouse pad you pick do not match it is likely to be resized and or cropped.

Drago Explained

In this day and age there is a large emphasis on computer rooms, home offices, and gaming setups. Whether you've used plants, filing cabinets, or LED lights as decor, it is incomplete until you own a mouse pad that is comfortable, effective, and represents just who you are.

Based in the USA, Drago was created in the year 2020 with the intent to manufacture and provide high-quality stylish mousepads. 

With that vision in mind, we work very closely with our hard earned creative customers. We are honored you have chosen us to personalize your mouse pad.